Instant Decorating: Places for Plants and Flowers


Plants and flowers may seem like small details, but they can actually have a huge impact on a room. They bring color, texture, and (most importantly) life to a space. When considering where to use plants and flowers in your home, it helps to think beyond the traditional entryway or dining room arrangement. Click below for a few ideas…



For very little money, you can buy a bouquet and split it up into small mason jar arrangements around the house. We photographed this no-fuss arrangment at the Green Grocer in West Town.


Floral arrangements don’t have to be complicated to make an impact. Some of our favorite setups involve simple vases and bunches of inexpensive flowers.


A vase of flowers in the bedroom gives you something beautiful to look at before you go to sleep and when you wake up.


One of our favorite places for flowers is the bathroom. A bouquet adds an extra layer of finish to a room that’s often overlooked.


We love this display idea from Fjorn Scandinavian: ornaments are tied to evergreen leaves in a vase, sort of like a deconstructed Christmas tree.


We photographed this display idea at floral shop Epoch. A similar arrangement would look great on a mantelpiece or credenza.

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  1. Brilliant as ever Ms. Eileen, thank you for the inspiration!


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