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Well this is it, We are moving back to Phoenix!!!

Got to work this morning in Goodyear to be handed a 7 day vacate notice, all of the merchants there MUST be out within 7 days from today or loose everything left behind. It was a crazy day to say the least around the store with lots of tears and frustration moving throughout the mall.

Well this is the last of the 4, can’t say we did not see it coming but they kept on denying it all the way to the end. Sad very very sad, but now with the move back to Phoenix, I will be less then a mile from work instead of almost 30 miles I get to add 2 more days to my work schedule and am now back with all my friends and family from Camelback so it is a good thing, just kind of hard when you have a 2000 square foot store to move in less than a week and get to move it into our new home of 400 square feet. What is a girl to do? We will survive because I am a survivor and I have friends and family that love me and keep me strong so this old gal is ready to get her move on and head on home.

We look forward to seeing all of you at our new location in North Phoenix at 43rd Av. & Thunderbird Rd. in the old Mervyn’s Building 4255 W. Thunderbird Rd. 85053.

Love you all Eileen


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