How To Create That Tropical Paradise In Your Bathroom

When you have decided that you need a tropical getaway in your home that you can enjoy everyday, try designing a tropical bathroom. Not only is this room small enough to create a cozy, island view, but it is a place that you use on a daily basis to relax and start your day. Here are some ideas on how you can turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise:

Canopies: by purchasing some very lightweight material, either white or off-white, you can create some great canopies in your bathroom. Start by measuring the bathtub or shower for the length of material that you will need to use. Once you have cut the material (don’t worry about a hem at the bottom!), you will need to get a hammer and some light tacks or small nails so you don’t tear the material. Next, start at one corner of the bathtub and fold the side of the material to create about a quarter-inch thick area to tack to the ceiling or wall. You can decide just how far up your canopy goes.

Then, allow part of the material to drape a little, creating a relaxed atmosphere, and do the same kind of fold and tack on the opposite side of the tub or shower. Allow the material to hang to the ground around the tub. Now, you can either get some fake tropical flowers to pin back the sides of your new canopy or you can find some other tropical material to use as a tie. Either way, you create a unique look. If your material is a bit frayed at the bottoms, great! This only ads to the tropical look, since the more “perfect” it looks, the more fake it will look. Top it off with some strands of ivy or palm leaves around the top of the canopy to finish off the look.

Greenery: depending on the size of your bathroom, placing a few fake palm trees (nothing huge) around the room or placing some smaller greenery, either real or fake, will add to the tropical theme. If you decide to go with some fake plants, you can find them at any local discount shop in any size that you desire. Make sure that you don’t clutter your bathroom too much, or you will defeat the purpose of buying these plants in the first place. If you need to go with smaller plants, you can opt for real or fake. By going with fake, you take out all the upkeep with watering and clipping, but if you go with real, it will help to finish out the tropical look. Ivy plants work best in this setting since they will thrive on the moisture, are cheap to buy, and don’t require any direct sunlight. You can also purchase strands of fake ivy or palm to top off your canopies or line the top corners of your bath to help create more greenery without using up space.


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